December 3, 2020 News


Caritas Czech Republic (CCR) in Mongolia is implementing the EU-funded project “Sustainable Plastic Recycling in Mongolia” in partnership with Environment and Security of Center (ESCM), TG Masaryk Water Research Institute (WRI), Mongolian Sustainable Development Bridge (MSDB) and Ecosoum (ES). The main objective of the project is to contribute to economic prosperity and poverty reduction and support the development of a green economy and the transition towards a low-carbon, resource-efficient and circular economy in Mongolia. The specific objectives of the project are to promote sustainable production and consumption (SCP) patterns by supporting SMEs and MSMEs in adopting SCP practices, and to create an enabling environment to strengthen the implementation of national SCP policies and assist stakeholders in harvesting the benefits of SCP.  

The project aims to achieve these objectives through improving the current production cycle of products made from recycled plastics and making overall consumption and waste management practices sustainable. In addition, the project will provide conditions for the replication of the tools provided and increase access by MSMEs to finance. The project will also focus on improving the system for plastic waste collection, sorting and classification, improving access by recycling-MSMEs to advanced equipment and technology and enhancing the conditions for scale-up and replication.

As the project will be organize various training sessions for public authorities, plastic recycling MSMES, plastic waste producers and the general public, it is a priority to conduct a Training and Learning Needs Assessment.

Goal of the Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to conduct a Training and Learning Needs Assessment to identify knowledge gaps and the learning needs of the public authorities, plastic recycling MSMEs, plastic waste producers and the general public. The final assessment will determine what trainings each of the different target groups need and will serve as the basis for all the project trainings and training materials. For details please see Annex A and download it from here.


  • At least 5 years of experience in economics, marketing and/or business
  • Proven history of conducting training and learning needs assessments (preferably in the waste management sector)
  • Preferably knowledge and experience in the waste management sector, particularly in plastic recycling
  • Prior experience in conducting assessment and research under EU-funded and international project research is an asset
  • Adequate academic and economic background
  • Be professional, pro-active, flexible and reliable

Materials to be submitted:

The offers will be selected on the basis of offers containing:

  • A plan for conducting the training and learning needs assessment, including the description of the methodology, the description of particular tasks,
  • Any further documents to prove qualification and experience
  • Curriculum of each person participating in the study, demonstrating necessary expertise
  • Budget for conducting the training and learning needs assessment
  • Notarized copy of the registration certificate of the organization
  • Organizational brochure/introduction
  • A reference letter from previous employers on the performance of previous similar assignments

We encourage organizations/companies who feel that they meet the requirements to submit their bids by email at by 11 December.

For additional information with regards the tender content, please call 976-80906399. The documents in both English and Mongolian will be accepted.