Improvement of Mobile Health Services
June 4, 2020 Completed projects

Improvement of Mobile Health Services

"Improvement of Mobile Health Services as part of the sub-national Health system strengthening approach in Mongolia" project was implemented in 2015-2016 by Caritas Czech Republic in Mongolia INGO and People in Need INGO under the financial support of the World Health Organization and Czech Development Agency.

Overall Objective: To strengthen sub-national health system and processes in order to improve health of people especially reaching out to remote and disadvantaged populations.

Specific Objective: To promote and support Mobile Health services at provincial level in rural Mongolia as a way to improve the quality of diagnosis of patients in remote locations.

The project target group were key decision makers and technical officers of Provincial Health Departments and Provincial Hospitals in 3 Western provinces of Mongolia (Bayan Ulgii, Hovd and Gobi-Altai) and KhuvsgulUmnugobi provinces.

The action achieved the following results: 

Result 1: A methodological guidebook is developed and available for Province Health Departments to implement Mobile Health Services; Activities: 1) Mapping, identifying and assessing successful Mobile Health Services experiences in rural Mongolia 2) Elaboration of a study summing up the possible scenarios of Mobile Clinic Services in rural Mongolia. 3) Designing of a methodological guidebook on Mobile Clinic Services in rural Mongolia 

Result 2: Mobile Health Services are introduced to 3 new provinces and new and existing Mobile services are linked to complimentary initiatives; Activities: 1) Inception workshop at provincial level. 2) Training on methodological guidebook at province level. 3) Follow-up meeting on planning of Mobile Health Services at province level. 4) Linking existing Mobile Health Services to other complimentary initiatives 

Result 3: Mobile Health Services are promoted at the national level and their incorporation in the regulatory framework is mainstreamed; Activities: 1) Increasing awareness of Mobile Health Services amongst Ministry of Health and other Health Sector stakeholders by organizinga) a field visit and b) a seminar for decision makers. 2) Elaboration of recommendations. 3) Establish a working group to transpose the recommendations in the strategy of Ministry of Health.