Barilga Expo - 2019
October 24, 2019 News

Barilga Expo - 2019

Under the waste management project, Caritas Czech Republic (CCR) in Mongolia has successfully participated and presented the project in one of the biggest annual fairs “Barilga Expo-2019” between 6 and 8 September, 2019. Expo was divided into 3 different themes: the Sponsors, Apartment buildings, and Construction material producers.


Our booth was located in the construction material section and CCR promoted newly developed construction and demolition waste (CDW) based product and products from project stakeholders. Project manager Ms. Uuriintsolmon presented about the project on the 2nd day of the event sharing the best practices and results. Moreover, the project team published CDW-based product advertisement in Barilga Expo, a monthly magazine, which was published in 7000 copies and disseminated to the public for free. Project video was also broadcasted on the screen displayed at the main stage during the whole event.


As a result of the event, CCR successfully presented and promoted the project, the CDW-based product, and the project partners and beneficiaries to 24 000 visitors and over 110 other companies from the construction sector. Furthermore, CCR recruited 82 representatives from SMEs to participate in the next session of our CDW management training.