Micro Projects-Pitch day
October 24, 2019 News

Micro Projects-Pitch day

Caritas Czech Republic and The Asia Foundation invited young people, innovators and influencers in their community aged between 18 and 30 to participate in a call for micro project proposals on 3R (reduce, reuse and recycle). The first round of the competition was completed on 13 September. The second round was held on the 21st of October and the participants from the first round, who did not get funding, and projects from rural areas were invited to present their ideas.  

The objective of the event was to promote waste recycling possibilities by highlighting the economic value of waste and the possibilities for its use in business ventures. The participants shared many interesting ideas, in which they highlighted the economic value of waste by directly using it for different purposes. Also, all the participants highlighted the ecological and environmental impact of the project. 

The participants actively took part in networking sessions, exchanged their views, concerns and ideas about waste, their respective project proposals, and finally selected the top 8 projects for the seed funding of one million MNT.

It can be concluded that more and more young people are interested in waste management and the concept of circular economy. It was very delightful to hear about the projects presented from the rural areas. Even though the waste management system is not sufficiently set up and organized by the state authorities, the public and younger generations are willing to actively participate and contribute to the waste management system independently in collaboration with international organizations. The discussions after each presentation explored many possibilities of improving the system and developing individual small waste management systems.

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Pitch day