“Waste from Construction and Demolition Activities and How to Use It in Practice” Training for SMEs
August 27, 2019 News

“Waste from Construction and Demolition Activities and How to Use It in Practice” Training for SMEs

Caritas Czech Republic (CCR) in Mongolia has successfully organized a number of training sessions for around 200 SMEs in the construction sector in order to introduce international practices in construction and demolition waste (CDW) management

The training sessions have been organized under the project ‘Improving resource-efficiency and cleaner production in the Mongolian construction sector through materials recovery’ implemented thanks to the support of the European Union and Czech Development Agency. In particular, the training sessions have focused on various ways and opportunities to reuse and recycle CDW and provided many practical examples from other countries. The trainees have also worked in the laboratory, tested different construction materials and learnt more about recycling. 

The trainers were trained at Technology University of Delft (TUD) in the Netherlands and developed training topics, handbooks and other materials for the SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) representatives, including construction norms, guidelines, construction cycle and a Massive Online Open Course. The trainees have acquired more information and knowledge on how to handle construction planning, various methods of demolishing buildings and how to recycle CDW. Moreover, they have learnt to apply their knowledge in practice. From November to August 2019, 20 sessions have been organized in different locations, including Nalaikh district, Construction Development Center, Metropolitan Inspection Agency, Mongolian University of Science and Technology and others. Each session has provided an opportunity for SMEs to get information on CDW management, its best practices in the EU and CDW legal environment. 

Each training was special and trainees have provided the project team with valuable recommendations and ideas. The participants have expressed their gratitude and new business ideas, which they got from the training, and wished to involve decision- makers in future training sessions. Also, the participants who have successfully finished the training sessions have received certificates that will help and support their future endeavors. Finally, more than 70% of the participants stated that they will further use the newly acquired knowledge in their businesses.