Success stories


Uyanga: A story of green lifestyle

When Uyanga was a student in India, her neighbors wondered why she took a shower every day. At that time, she did not realize that at least 2 billion people drink water from contaminated sources and half a million people die from water shortage and contaminated water every year in the world.

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CCR in Mongolia promotes volunteering among Mongolian youth

Baasannyam’s dream is to build a better society which will be safe and convenient for children, the elderly and families. He feels that today’s society is like a fierce competition for survival when he participates in social life. Thus, he decided to start volunteering with the intention of making a small contribution to the society he wanted. 

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Boditsetseg Tsendsuren - 4

Youth Wave Club: Youth has a power to change

Governor heard recommendations from the Youth Advocacy Group and agreed to work with the them to establish the Children and Youth Council. The official letter goes on to say the neighbourhood amenities will be improved to enhance liveability and safety for residents of 18th khoroo in Chingeltei district. 

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Small support for green environment

When D.Altangerel started his company to recycle plastics, he did not make any profit for the first two years due to a lack of experience in the recycling sector and also insufficient business research. However, he did not give up and continuously looked for solutions to improve his business. 

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