June 25, 2020 News


Caritas Czech Republic is an international humanitarian organization operating in Mongolia since 2008 and has implemented projects in social work, health, preschool education, livestock industry, vocational training, and waste recycling in Ulaanbaatar, Darkhan, Selenge, Tuv, Uvurkhangai, Bulgan, Zavkhan and Khentii aimags. We invite you to participate in the selection of a contractor to plan and implement a media campaign within the framework of the project “Improving resource-efficiency and cleaner production in the Mongolian construction sector through materials recovery” implemented by Caritas Czech Republic and funded by the European Union and the Czech Cooperation Development Agency.

The purpose of the campaign is to improve public and construction sector’s SMEs awareness on construction waste management and construction waste based product, its procedures, and standards within the framework of “Improving resource-efficiency and cleaner production in the Mongolian construction sector through materials recovery” project. CDW represents 20-25% of overall waste in Mongolia. As the construction and demolition sectors have been rapidly expanding, the amount of CDW has been uncontrollably increasing as well. Due to the lack of knowledge of the public and construction industry participants about construction waste management, as well as construction waste-based products, there is a lot of misconception that construction waste is not harmful to the environment and that recycled products are of poor quality. Therefore, the campaign aims to raise public and construction sector’s SMEs awareness of relevant laws and regulations and correct the misconceptions.

Tender schedule:




Deadline for submission of bids (receiving date, not sending date)

9th of July, 2020

6 PM

Tender opening session by Caritas Czech Republic

10th of July, 2020

9 AM

Interview with short-listed bidders

20th of July, 2020

9 AM

Notification of award to the successful tenderer

21st of July, 2020

12 PM

Signing of the contract

27th of July, 2020

6 PM

Selection criteria:

The contract will be awarded to the technically and administratively compliant tender bid that is the most economically advantageous, taking into account the quality of the services offered and the price of the tender.

  • Offered price /The overall budget of the tender should not exceed 45 million mnt/
  • Proven expertise and experience
  • Quality of the proposed methodology

Contents of the offer:

Following documents need to be submitted in both Mongolian and English.

  1. Work plan with deadline
  2. Budget breakdown (VAT exclusive)
  3. Copy of the state registration certificate
  4. Proof of expertise and experience
  5. Other analysis and data to support the quality of the proposal

The Contractor shall plan its activities in the following order. These include:

  1. Develop a work plan with deadline
  2. Develop your content according to the plan
  3. Disseminate the prepared content to the public according to the plan
  4. Reporting of the planned activities

Tenders will be evaluated on the criteria listed below:

  1. Eligibility /Only candidates who submitted all the documents shall be considered for evaluation/
  2. Budget compliance
  3. Work plan
  4. Proof of expertise and experience
  5. Experience in working with international organizations with major donors

Instructions to submit an offer:

The tender shall consist of one original copy placed in a sealed envelope, with the words “Not to be opened before the tender opening session” written in English or Mongolian. On the same envelope, kindly also indicate the words “TD_MN16F_20062301”. The tender bids shall be delivered by private courier service, post or personal delivery until 6PM, 9th of July, 2020 the latest to the address: #503, 5th floor, Delta center building, 1st khoroo, Chingeltei district, 15140, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Contact details:

In case of any questions and inquiries please contact through +976 7013-5899 office phone number and e-mail address.

Note: Late submitted bids will not be considered.