Feedback and Complaints in Caritas Czech Republic: Why is it important to raise your voice
February 24, 2021 News

Feedback and Complaints in Caritas Czech Republic: Why is it important to raise your voice

We encourage everyone we work with to let us know their opinions. Whether it is a participant of a recently held program or somebody who might have been exposed to some unpleasant incident. Everyone has the right to speak out and to be heard. That is why at Caritas Czech Republic we pay special attention to our Feedback and complaints mechanism and want to make sure everyone has access to it.

It helps both us and others

Knowing how our work helps, but also understanding what could have been done better and acknowledging mistakes that have been made, is arguably the best way to ensure we can grow as an organization and make lives of people even better. We can not only design our projects better in the future but also by receiving feedback in time, we can also prevent additional negative impact the reported incident might cause. One voice can help others as well.

Protecting those who speak out

In the volatile environments we work in, it is one thing to be heard, but whole another to really feel safe to be heard. We are well aware of the inherently greater power and influence we have over those we help. That is why all complaints can be submitted anonymously. When speaking out, we guarantee that each and every person will be protected from any harassment or harmful treatment.

The many ways to submit feedback

As we are trying to make this system as accessible as possible, the people we help can use various media to submit their feedback. Each country office uses different set of channels depending on local customs. There are e-mail addresses, hotlines, WhatsApp messaging, in-office complaint boxes and also our office addresses for receiving written complaints.

Employees can also have their say

Feedback from our employees is as much important for us. We are making sure all our staff knows the ways through which they can share their opinions and, if needed, complain about misconduct. In these cases we protect our employees in the same way as our beneficiaries. We are also making sure all concerns are investigated and answered as soon as possible.

To find out more about the specific ways through which feedback or complaint can be submitted, visit our Feedback and Complaints page.