Herders’ Education Support project
December 30, 2020 Completed projects

Herders’ Education Support project

Caritas Czech Republic and Ministry of Food and Agriculture have started Herders’ Education Support Project in 2012 covering Khentii and Sukhbaatar provinces in Mongolia. The project has been undertaken with its purposes to develop newly founded VCBO specialists of all soums under new Government restructure and one leader herder from each soum under the project by organizing designated trainings in order increase knowledge, awareness, skills and experiences in regard to veterinary, cattle breeding, livestock production, pastureland management, agriculture and small and medium enterprises. The specialists and trained herders then teach the younger and less skilled herders whatever they have learned including life skills, less risky herding, how to increase their incomes etc.

The project focused on following 4 main specific objectives;

  1. To be based on the activity of the herders to conduct their livestock husbandry stably, their initiative and participation in the program;
  2. To support livestock husbandry structure and organization by giving priority to the form of mutual cooperation;
  3. The activity of livestock husbandry workers should be economically efficient, productive and stably expending;
  4. Sector policy and activity shall be coherent and regulated.

The project activity targeted young herder households, which lost certain percentage of their livestock due to the force majeure but still have the material basis and psychological preparedness to continue their production stably, and has been guided by the approach to strengthen their capacity, to provide financial support in a business incubation form and to increase their household income.

Furthermore, under the project, The Program Regulation Council was built and it comprised of 9 persons representing the Ministry of Social welfare and Labor (MSPL), Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry (MFALI), Labor and Welfare Service Department (LWSD), Veterinary Service Department (VSD), professional associations and NGOs provided the Program with nationwide management and regulation.

During the project implementation, totally 244 herder households of 10 provinces and 30 soums have been covered and as a result of receiving 7 types of services from the Employment Support Fund the average annual income of the herder household has increased by up to 30%.