Provide special equipments for Special school for vision impaired children
December 30, 2020 Completed projects

Provide special equipments for Special school for vision impaired children

Secondary school no.116 is the only school in the country for vision disabilities. For educating vision disabilities are required special materials which are expensive and less available. The school is financed from the state budget. However, at present there are is no finance for special materials. State budget finance covers mostly only heating, electricity, water, garbage, post payment, workers’ wages and some repairs.

The school has a dormitory because the pupils are from various parts of the country. There are 62-65 children who are from countryside or whose home is far away from our school or children from a worse standard of living family. Those children live in the dormitory for 9 months each year while studying. In other words, the dormitory becomes their home during their 9-12-year school life. Because of this we needed to make improvement for their studying and living conditions permanently.

Main aim of the project is to provide some special materials, sport and treatment equipment, some furniture and kitchen equipment for vision disabled children for improving their living and studying conditions, increasing materials they need and improving their comfort of living.

The project was implemented from March 2013 to October 2013.

The project was focused on following outcomes;

  1. Special need of vision disabled children was provided
  2. Quality of physical culture teaching for building up their bodies and aftercare improved
  3. Kitchen worked along with the technology which provide children with healthy food
  4. Comfortable surrounding like a home in the dormitory